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  1. JTape Parking Sensor Masking

    • Can be used for sanding, painting and polishing
    • Avoids contamination of sensors
    • Saves time avoiding a tricky masking process or worse, sensor disassembly
  2. Yellow Vinyl Tape

    • Quality, Durable Tape
    • 19,25 and 50mm available
    From £3.32
  3. 3M244 Gold Masking Tape

    • 2 sizes avilable
    From £5.98
  4. Low Tack Masking Tape

    • 2 widths available
    From £3.24
  5. 3M 3030 Green Masking Tape

    • 4 widths avalable
    • A green-coloured, smooth creped masking tape from 3M to suit a wide variety of bodyshop applications.
    From £54.05
  6. 3M Transition Tape

    • Eliminate hard paint lines
    • Apply and remove easily with speed and ease
    • Get a flawless paint transition
  7. Jtape Perforated Lift Tape

    • Perforated for easy tear
    • Linerless
    • Easy lifting tab
  8. BAXT SM4 Supamask Masking Film

    • Static cling technology ensures complete masking of whatever you are working on.
    • A cutting edge 10-micron polythene structure the BAXT SM4 Supamask is one of the strongest on the market. Whilst the polythene mask sports a durable, tear-resistant composition, the film is still easy to cut.
    • Suitable for use with infrared and Symach drying and rated to 150 degrees.
    From £21.98
  9. White Masking Tape

    • 14 Day clean and easy removal
    • Use indoor or outdoor
    • UV resistant
    From £0.55
  10. BAXT T9 High Performance Masking Tape

    Long Mask
    The specific formulation of the T9 tape allows it to be used perfectly even in overlapping and with masking paper or film applied. The tape can be used over longer periods of masking and leaves no adhesive residue or tears when removed.

    From £2.21
  11. 3M Hand Masker Masking Film

    This product is a high density, non-porous film especially designed for paint masking and paint overspray protection on hulls and decks.

    From £12.95

Showing 1-12 of 36 results

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